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Watch Over Me Protection Oil

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A perfect solution for any spiritual practitioner, Watch Over Me is an infusion oil formulated for grounding and protection.

This powerful oil is blended for the following:
- protects from psychic attack and energy overload
- keeps wearer safe in ritual and spiritual practice
- protects empaths from sensory overload
- protects against spirit attachment
- connects wearer with the love and intentions of their ancestral house
- can clear away outside and internal interference for better spiritual signal clarity.

Watch Over Me has a very subtle woody fragrance.
You may consider placing it on pulse points, energy center areas, and/or on the back of the neck.
This oil can also be used on candles in protection and healing work.

Immediate results will vary situationally, depending on the state and need of the wearer.
 I care about your health, so please do not attempt to use this product in place of medical treatment. Always consult your health care provider for any concerns about possible interactions.

Watch Over Me is infused in a base of sweet almond oil with essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, and oakmoss along with a variety of herbs infused for their physical and spiritual properties. Please contact me for a detailed ingredients list if you have any concern for allergies.

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