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The Happy Medium Gift Set

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This kit is the perfect gift for empaths, mediums, and/or sensitive introverts, or even just to take home for yourself. The Happy Medium is attractive boxed with 4 portable items, designed to make tackling the day with your unique abilities a little bit easier.

- 1 - 4 oz Sage It Out sage spray - This travel-sized bottle is the perfect solution for space cleansing on the go. Sage It Out offers all the cleansing power of a smudge stick without all the smoke and mess. Made with a tincture of sage mixed with witchhazel and the essential oils of frankincense, rosemary, and sandalwood, my sage spray is subtle enough to pass as an air freshener. Take it to work and spritz the funk out of your work space.

- 1 - 1 oz bottle of Watch Over Me protection oil - Designed with sensitives and empaths in mind, this oil combines healing herbs such as mullein and plantain with hawthorn, stinging nettle, oakmoss, and other cleansing and protective herbs. These herbs are wildcrafted and infused in sunlight in sweet almond oil and can be applied to your pulse points, the base of the neck, energy centers, or anywhere else you want a little boost.

- 1 - 1 oz bottle of Liquid Earth grounding oil - Designed for mediums and tranceworkers, Liquid Earth especially great for days where you feel "floaty" or need to engage in heavy spiritual practice. Apply to your pulse points and the back of your neck.

- 1 - 4 oz bar of Florida Water Soap. This beautiful soap combines all of the cleansing properties of traditional Florida Water without any of the harsh alcohols. If you're unfamiliar, Florida Water is used as somewhat of a non-denominational holy water by many traditions, and is frequently used in cleansing practices. My Florida Water soap is a great way to clear everything off at the end of the day and give yourself a fresh restart.

Your Happy Medium kit includes instructions, detailing how to use everything inside. Take one home today for the empath in your life!

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