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Rise Up

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Rise Up is a base of sweet almond oil infused with High John the Conqueror Root and many other herbs traditionally associated with luck, fortune, and money.

Legend states that the history of High John Root originates in African-American folk magic with a prince taken from Africa and sold as a slave here in America. Tales of his heroism include tricking his master at every turn and even tricking the devil out of his daughter. His cleverness and adaptability were unmatched, and he outwitted his adversaries at every turn. It is said that when John the Conqueror left this world, he left his spirit in this root to help the people.

High John oil is brewed to infuse the wearer with the power of his spirit. Are you ready to Rise Up?

For applying to your body, run a line of Rise Up from the tip of the ring finger of your non-dominant hand (so, left hand if you're right handed) to the center of your palm, then rub your hands together.
You can also apply Rise Up to your throat for confidence while speaking, or to your solar plexus for maintaining a strong presence and will.

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