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Gift of Joy Bath Salts

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These energizing bath salts are just what the doctor ordered for relaxing after a long day or a tiring workout. The natural essential oils of jasmine, lavender, and lemon will draw the exhaustion from your body and lift your spirits. I call this blend my "adulting" fragrance: when you're just done being an adult at the end of the day (or the beginning) and need a pick me up, this blend gives you the boost you need to keep on going.

Did I mention that my bath salts are all infused with pure Vitamin E, so you moisturize while you soak? Don't have time to put on lotion? No problem! You'll leave the bath with silky smooth skin with no extra effort.

Each bag is enough for two baths, and is a great sensual experience to share with someone you love!

Don't have a tub or don't like baths? No problem! Upgrade your bath to a salt and sugar scrub for only $5 more:

Try it, and get the gift of joy today!

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