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Ghost Hunter Survival Kit

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Are you a paranormal investigator or are you looking for the perfect gift for one in your family?

Do you live in a haunted house or find yourself constantly called to help others with house cleansings?

Do you really want to help out that one family member who just can't leave the ouija board alone?

Give yourself or someone you love a little added boost this holiday season with the Ghost Hunter's Survival Kit!

This kit comes attractively boxed and includes:

1 - 4 oz Sage It Out sage spray -- This spray is an easy to use portable substitute for a traditional smudge stick. Made from a sage tincture mixed with witch hazel and the essential oils of rosemary, frankincense, and sandalwood, this sage spray is light enough to pass as a room freshener. No one will give you too much side eye when you're spritzing yourself in the elevator.

1 - 1 oz. Watch Over Me Oil -- Made from an infusion of healing and protective herbs such as mullein, hawthorn, oak moss, and juniper, this oil provides a little extra protection to your spiritual practice when you need it most.

1 - 1 oz. Tar Water -- Made from real pine tar extracted from fat wood on the new moon, this little bottle is a powerful addition to any cleansing practice. One drop per room does the trick.

1 - 4 oz Florida Water Soap -- traditional florida water is a mix of protective herbs brewed in alcohol and is used a non-denominational holy water in many traditions. This soap provides all the same results without the harsh alcohols and washes off any unwanted residue after your hunt or practice.

2 - 5 oz bags of black salt -- Black salt is made from charcoal created in a sacred fire on the new moon that is then mixed with sea salt. This salt is used as a barrier or a strong cleansing material in spiritual practices.

The Ghost Hunter's Survival kit is a great tool for during and/or after ghost hunts, seances, or spiritual practices. Your kit comes with all of those above lovely supplies, that are easily portable for use on the go, as well as a complete set of instructions.

Take your survival kit home today!

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