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Living Roots Creations

Get Out Stay Out House Cleansing Kit

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My Get Out. Stay Out. Home Ritual Kit

Perfect for any space: the home, office, or even outdoor areas.

This kit makes an excellent housewarming gift, and is attractively packaged with the following materials:

• 1 beeswax tealight candle, infused with herbs and oils, including white sage and frankincense. Holder included.

• 10 oz of powerful black salt. My black salt is second to none: blended with course sea salt and charcoal from a sacred fire.

• 1 7.5 oz bottle of premium florida water

• 1 4" white sage stick. Can't burn sage? No problem! Chose to add a 4 oz bottle of my Sage It Out spray to your order instead.

• 1 "Door Guardian" herbal satchel.

• Easy to follow instructions included.

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