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Florida Water Soap

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This soap is simply amazing. If you're familiar with florida water, all of its delightful fragrance and cleansing properties are captured here, in a gentle glycerin soap.

Not familiar with florida water? You're in for a treat. This soap blends organic powdered clove and citrus rind with lavender and lemon essential oils. The result is a delightful, unisex fragrance captured in an organic glycerin soap infused with vitamin E.

This soap is a powerful spiritual cleanser that provides a natural grounding experience in the shower. My florida water soap is an excellent spiritual care item for sensitives, mediums, and psychics, as well as anyone who wants to wash off all the worries of the day with a refreshing, moisturizing bar of soap.

Looking for a more powerful cleansing experience? My florida water soap is also part of my Hard Reset uncrossing kit:

Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? Would you like a variation in your florida water soap, or a soap or scrub for a different purpose? Contact me for a custom order.

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