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Fall Shave Butter

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Are you tired of razor bumps and shave burn? Do you want a perfect shave that leaves your skin buttery soft, without having to follow up with after shave or lotion? How about a fragrance that lures your partner in, kissably close? You'll find all of this and more in these shave butters.

Never used shave butter before? It's a game changing experience. As someone with ridiculously sensitive skin, it used to look like I tackled a porcupine every time that I shaved. No more! Simply apply a thin coat of shave butter to the area and shave over the top like you would with typical shaving cream. The shave butter will lubricate, protect, and moisturize, leaving you with kissably soft skin with no need to follow up with any extra products.

Do you get super dry skin in winter? Your shave butter can also double as body lotion, and sinks right into your skin for an easy, never-oily moisturizing experience.

This fall release comes in three fragrances:

Amber and Oakmoss: This is one of most loved fragrances at craft shows. It is great for anyone, but a lot of shoppers love it for their male partners. Woody, deep notes of oakmoss and amber create a gentle, captivating fragrance. We will gladly take credit for any unexpected yet desirable outcomes that might come from wearing this scent around your significant other. You're welcome!

Moonlit Magic: This is a subtle, unisex musk that is delightful on the skin. You'll catch subtle notes of sandalwood and jasmine over rich musk and the earthy tones of natural shea butter.

Pumpkin Spice: Is your partner entranced by the Fall season? Call them back from coffee and hoodie season with the fragrance of their people. This pumpkin spice fragrance is delightful and not overwhelming with rich notes of vanilla and spices.

Shave butter can be used anywhere on the body for a shave, including more delicate areas. Take a bottle home today and enjoy all the benefits.

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