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Eros Shave Butter

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Are you ready to be done with shave bumps and razor burn? Forever? This shave butter is the answer, and that's coming from someone with insanely sensitive skin. (I'm not kidding. It used to look like I tackled a porcupine after I shaved, no matter what I used.)

Apply a thin coating to your skin and shave over the top of it like shave cream. You can use my shave butter on your face, legs, armpits, and even intimate areas without fear of break outs or oily skin.

Eros is a moisturizing shave butter composed of gentle, natural ingredients to provide you with the best shave of your life. My shave butter combines shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, castile soap and an essential oil blend into a rich, fluffy consistency that moisturizes your skin as you shave. A little goes a very long way and leaves your skin feeling silky soft, never oily. The light undertones of cedarwood, juniper berries, and frankincense combine with other scents in a formula to promote feelings of confidence, vitality, and remind you of your inner strength. Trade your razor bumps in for a new strut!

This shave butter is used in place of your usual shaving cream and can be applied either by hand or with a brush. Eros shave butter moisturizes and lubricates to leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling great.

This listing is for 1 - 4 oz jar, which will last quite a while -- a little goes a long way.

Not exactly what you're looking for? I can create a custom shave butter for you in any one of my existing scents, or a brand new formula for your preferences and needs. Contact me for a custom order today!

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