Our Mission

Living Roots Creations was founded in 2016 with on the premise of creating easy-to-use and affordable spiritual solutions that actually work.

All of my products are made in prayer and ceremony, and sent to you filled with positive intent for you and your family. My products are designed to be powerful, discreet, and user friendly. Your guests don't need to know that the black salt scrub in your shower is for curse breaking. Similarly, you don't have to live with chronic bad luck, weird unexplained activity, and, most importantly, your life is not required to suck just because you were born as a empath or medium. Not sure where to start? Follow the guide buttons below forĀ  Head to the bottom of this page and start up a conversation. I'd love to hear from you.

My business is also a dedicated medium to helping people to connect with their ancestors and the natural world.

As kitschy as it sounds, you are the legacy of a thousand years of love. Regardless of whether you get along with your immediate family or not, there are still generations of ancestors behind you with your joy and success being their foremost interest. With that, comes a reservoir of power to change the world around you. You just have to remember how.
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